Participant Testimonials

View the testimonials from our amazing students on programs from ISAC.

Testimonial Ms Madhvi K

Testimonial Mr Gurpreet Singh

Testimonial Ms Sheeba Siva

Testimonial Ms Aparna

Testimonial Mrs Madhavi Mehar

Testimonial Mr Vikas Razdan

Testimonial Ms Mudra Chhibber

Testimonial Mr Rama Chandra Prasad

Testimonial Ms Laxmi Mini

CCIO, CybHER - Remyank

CCIO, CybHER - Col. Sajan

CCIO, CybHER - Pallavi Bharat

Testimonial Ms Anushree

Testimonial Ms Usha Baladitya

Testimonial Mr (Adv) Shuvro

Testimonial Mr (Adv) Indratanu Das Mahapatra

Testimonial Ms Sarita Nirjhra

Testimonial Dr Arundhati Govind

Testimonial Dr. Leo Gertrude

Testimonial Mr. Arindam Bagchi

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