Ms Remya NK


July 2020 - CCIO Batch

Technology has brought in that advancement which has made our lives easier. The widespread use of mobiles and computers has opened up a whole new world to us. A world that has made things easier at the same time it has also made advancement in methods of perpetrating crimes.

Technology has played a central role in education. Especially during this pandemic education has been made available online, thanks to the internet and other technologies that have made a difference. 

But the flip side of the coin is that it has given the kids too much of exposure to social media, gaming and other unwanted activities, that lead to cybercrimes. Children and adolescents represent a vulnerable group of users who spend a lot of time on the web and on social networks. They are exposed to the same threats as adults, but the effect on them can be even more devastating. As it’s become a concern for parents, an awareness program can always benefit both the parents and kids.

As a parent and teacher, I felt this course is the real need of the hour. Staying in an interior part of Kerala I’ve seen the people falling prey to bank frauds. To bring awareness, this course is very helpful. It gives one a vast knowledge of cyber crimes happening and also gives an insight into actions that can bring the change.  

The Faculty is highly informed and informal with an easy to follow approach to learning. 

I recommend that the CCIO Course be made compulsory for all middle school teachers and young mothers by the Min of WCD. 

I am very happy to have undergone this course