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Security Scholar

A comprehensive and hands-on techno-managerial program for next-generation cybersecurity professionals, thought leaders & policymakers of India. 

Jointly conducted with Rashtriya Raksha University (RRU), a National University and an Institution of National Importance. Knowledge Partners: NCIIPC and CERT-IN.

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Bridge Course

4 Weeks of essential pre-course training | 2nd Oct

Learn to build, manage and deliver enterprise security even under most pressing challenges in this twelve-week executive program.

Why do certain companies win against hackers and why do others fail? What will state-sponsored attacks in the global economy mean for your organization? How can you defend against next generation cyber attacks by constantly being one step ahead?

The ISAC Executive Program, in collaboration with NCIIPC will immerse you in new ways of thinking and new insights that will greatly enhance your organizational defences against emerging cyber attacks and propel your career. 

This scholar program focuses on the intricate relation between technology, national security, cyber warfare, and its impact on your organization and business.

Cyber Warfare is a highly asymmetrical form of War strategy rendering the enemy paralyzed within few minutes. We will look at the most pressing security challenges faced by the Indian administration, intelligence agencies, the private sector, and even every individual to an extent.

The course will also cover a wide variety of topics ranging from cyber threats, the threat to critical infrastructure, intelligence challenges, underground web, diplomacy and foreign policy, legal aspects of privacy, tools for defense, and the future of national security and cyber warfare.

Who Should Attend

Eligibility: Seven-plus years of Industry / Government / Academics experience, including a minimum of three-years in cybersecurity-related roles.

  • Middle/Senior-level leaders in large companies who are performing roles related to cybersecurity
  • Middle/Senior-level leaders in Government organizations associated with homeland and cyber security operations.
  • Seasoned and influential executives with Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) who will use this opportunity to make an even greater difference in their career and their organizations’ future.
  • Faculty members teaching new and emerging technologies
  • Cybersecurity professionals in CII Sectors
  • Post-doctoral/Research Scholars in cybersecurity

Bridge Course - Four Weeks (2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd October)

A Bridge course of four weeks is conducted to bring all participants to the same technical expectations and pre-requisites for the scholar program.

The program covers essential cyber security concepts, including hands-on with Virtual Labs.

Program Modules - Twelve Weeks (30th Oct 2021 to 15th Jan 2022)

  • Week 01: Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) and National Security
  • Week 02: Smart Cites and Homeland Security of India
  • Week 03: CII Focus: Power Sector
  • Week 04: CII Focus: Transport Sector
  • Week 05: CII Focus: BFSI Sector
  • Week 06: CII Focus: Telecom Sector
  • Week 07: CII Focus: Defence Sector
  • Week 08: Next Generation SOC
  • Week 09: Economy, Intelligence and Cyber Warfare
  • Week 10: Digital Forensics, Cyber Insurance and Legal Challenges
  • Week 11: AI, ML and Quantum Computing Trends
  • Week 12: Capstone Project

2nd Oct, 2021 to 23rd Oct, 2021 - Bridge Course

30th Oct, 2021 to 15th Jan, 2022 - NCSS Course


Instructor-Led, delivered online.

Application Deadline

  • 29th October 2021

Program Fee

INR 1,20,000 + Taxes

Admission is subject to selection and the remittance of fees. Your space is secured upon receipt of full payment. 

Knowledge Partner


The NCSS program is conducted by ISAC in collaboration with the National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Center (NCIIPC) and Indian Computer Emergency Response Team, CERT-IN, Government of India, as a Knowledge Partner.

ISAC is a Partner of NCIIPC and Public Private Partner with the Ministry of Education. ISAC is an MoU Partner of CERT-IN and AICTE.


Group Captain Anand Naidu (Retd)
Director - ISAC
+91 88008 80757


Rajshekhar P
Director - ISAC
+91 8527465252

Weekly Cyber Emergency War game Activity

Every Thursday, experience a real-world case study in form of a cyber emergency wargame activity. Play the table-top exercise game from the perspective of the Attacker, SOC teams, Forensicators, CISO, and the CEO.

The Scholar program covers six different war games and puts you in the role of various stakeholders who are racing to deal with a cyber crisis.

Understand how your responses impact your sales and stock prices and get insights into the economic impact of your business decisions in cyber security.


Sector Specific Site Visits Included

The scholar program includes visits to various Critical Information Infrastructure facilities
that allow you to expand your exposure to sector-specific cyber risks.

Airplane at the airport terminal runway

Delhi International Airport

Visit the Delhi International Airport and understand the internal security measures adopted. Hosted by the GMR, India’s largest private Airport company.

Chimney of a Power plant against blue sky

Energy Sector - Power Plant

Visit a modern power plant and understand the various cybersecurity practices that go in protecting the CII from cyber attacks, including potential gaps.

Server room, modern data center.

Modern Security Operations Center

Explore the cutting-edge Security Operations Center, from a leading PSU/ISP and learn how complex technologies are integrated for protecting enterprise organizations.

First Cohort of NCSS

Meet our Scholars


Our Speakers

The scholar program has guest speakers on Thursdays. Below are some of our esteemed speakers from previous cohorts.

Lt Gen (Dr) Rajesh Pant

National Cyber Security Coordinator, Prime Minister’s Office Government of India

(NSD Scholar – Cohort Two)

Dr Ajeet Bajpai

Director General – National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Center

Yaduveer Krishnadatta

Maharaja of Mysuru – Leading India’s largest cyber security hub initiative

Dr Emandi Sankara Rao

Former Chairman – MDI and CEO, IFCI Ltd, Government of India

Dr Pavan Duggal

Founder & Chairman of International Commission on Cyber Security Law

Jarrett W. Kolthoff

Jarrett Kolthoff, Founder/CEO of SpearTip and a former Counterintelligence Special Agent.

Dr Manjari Khanna Kapoor

CPTED Specialist, Founder of ABSI, Chairman – SEQURE Standards for Physical Security

Usha Rengaraju

Kaggle Grandmaster 2020, Data scientist, Adjunct Faculty at IIT Madras for Data Science

Tarun Wig

Founder – Innefu Labs, Counter Intelligence Specialist and Cyber Security Expert