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Minister for IT BT , Govt of Karnataka and Maharaja of Mysuru launch the Cyberverse website and Logo

In an important development towards safeguarding the cyber space in Karnataka, Dr Aswath Narayan, the Minister for IT BT Govt of Karnataka and Sri Yaduveer Krishna Datta Chamaraja Wadiyar, the 27th Head and Custodian of erstwhile Kingdom of Mysuru have launched the website and logo of Cyberverse Foundation created to be the beacon of cyber security in India.

Ministry of IT BT, govt of Karnataka has established Karnataka Digital Economy Mission( KDEM). KDEM has signed MOUs with Bherunda Foundation managed by the Royal Family of Mysuru and Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) on cyber security capacity building for protection of digital economy. Bherunda Foundation, ISAC and Mysuru Royal Academy ( Myra) have come together to create the Cyberverse Foundation, a non profit organization to realise the mission of cyber security capacity building.

Cyberverse is establishing a state level cyber security hub through a Center of Excellence( COE) at Mysuru, which will be developed further as a state of the art Cyberange.

The CoE is a combination of Physical and digital platforms with enormous opportunities for skill development in the much needed cyber security field. KDEM has a plan to create 300000 professionals in cyber security.

The Hon’ble minister thanked and congratulated Mrs Trishika Kumari Wadiyar, the Chairperson of Cyberverse Foundation for creating such platforms and helping the Govt in fighting the cyber crimes.

Speaking on the occasion, Maharaja of Mysuru who is also Chiarman Bherunda Foundation and Chairman of Advisory Board of Cyberverse Foundation said that it’s a culmination of three year planning and hard work. He thanked the Govt of Karnataka , IT BT minister and Mr Sanjeev Gupta, CEO KDEM for a great support received.

Mr Sanjeev Gupta , CEO KDEM spoke on the potential of the CoE in transforming the cyber security land scape and start-up echo system in Mysuru.

Group Captain P Aanand Naidu(Retd), Director and CEO, Mr Kantha Raj Urs, Director and Head Myra Trust, Dr R Ambarish Advisor, Mr Sudheer Shankar KDEM Cluster Head and other senior functionaries of the ministry of IT BT and Cyberverse Foundation were present on the occasion at Vikas Soudha