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Forensic Investigator (ICFI)

The ISAC Certified Forensic Investigator is a 68 hours (10 sessions) live Instructor-led program that covers essential training on handling investigations with Windows and Linux systems. Gain real-world forensic investigation skills with hands-on labs fully hosted on the cloud from Cyberange. 

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Data Forensics. Digital Forensic Investigator at Work
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Features & Benefits

ISAC Community

  • Get exclusive access to ISAC Community
  • Enhance your profile credibility globally
  • Eligible for NSD Empanelment

60 Days Access to Cyberange Virtual Labs

  • Exclusive labs
  • Real-world scenarios for practice
  • Cloud-based labs with new challenges added every month!


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Learn everything to get started Forensics Investigations.

Course Outcome

  • Explain various computer forensic techniques/phases
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of forensic examination related to Microsoft Windows and Linux artifacts
  • Analyze different disk drives and file systems used in different operating systems
  • Understanding of Anti-forensics techniques
  • Apply various tools during real world forensic investigation

Module 1 – Digital Forensics: Process, Tools & Techniques and Research Challenges  

  • History of Digital Forensics
  • Stages of Digital Forensics
  • Digital Evidence and its properties
  • Chain of Custody
  • Tools and Techniques in Digital Forensics

Module 2 – Understanding Hard Disks and File Systems (NTFS & Ext4)

  • Disk Drives and their characteristics
  • Understanding Hard Disk Partitions
  • Booting Process in different Operating Systems
  • Slack Space
  • Metadata in NTFS and Ext4 file systems

Module 3 – Data Acquisition: Imaging and Cloning 

  • Hashing and Write Blockers
  • Forensics Imaging in Kali Linux using dd, dcfldd, dc3dd
  • Imaging using FTK Imager

Module 4 – File Systems Analysis using TSK  

  • Analyzing disk images using TSK utilities

Module-5: Windows Forensics 

  • Registry Forensics
  • Recycle Bin Forensics
  • Jump List Forensics
  • SRUDB.dat forensics
  • Prefetching in Windows
  • Program Executions Artifacts

Module-6: Anti-forensics and Anti-anti-forensics

  • Data Hiding into Slack Space
  • Secure Deletion
  • Timestomping

Module-7: Volatile Memory Forensics

  • Why/What Memory Forensics
  • Volatility Configuration
  • Volatility Analysis
  • Windows Memory Analysis

Module-8: Linux Forensics

  • Basic Linux Commands
  • File Hierarchy Standard
  • Hunt Users and Groups
  • File Hunting
  • Failed logins and Actors IP address
  • Timestamps and Deleted files in Journal

Module-9: Email and Drone Forensics

  • Examining Email messages
  • Email Server Examination
  • Tracing emails
  • Email Forensics Tools
  • Introduction to Drone forensics and challenges

Module-10: Password Recovery

  • Password Cracking Methods
  • Password Cracking Tools
  • Hashcat for Windows password cracking

Module- 11: Introduction to Mobile/Android Forensics

  • Understand the Importance of Mobile Device Forensics
  • Explain the Steps Involved in Mobile Forensics Process
  • Understand SIM File System and its Data
  • Acquisition Method
  • Illustrate Phone Locks and Discuss Rooting of Android
  • Perform Logical & Physical Acquisition on Android


Dr Bhupendra Singh

ISAC Certified Instructor
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computer Science & Engg. Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Pune

What is FutureSkills Prime?

A skilling ecosystem focused on emerging technologies, powered by a partnership between the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India, NASSCOM, and the IT industry. It seeks to propel India to become a global hub of talent in emerging technologies.

Benefits of FutureSkills Prime:
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  • Opportunities to apply for roles like security analyst, cloud architect, and IoT network specialist.

Upcoming Batches:

July 2024

4PM – 7PM

  • 15th July 2024
  • 17th July 2024
  • 19th July 2024
  • 22nd July 2024
  • 24th July 2024
  • 26th July 2024
  • 27th July 2024
  • 29th July 2024
  • 31st July 2024
  • 2nd Aug 2024

Written Test Aug 10th 2024 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Lab Test Aug 10th 10 PM to Aug 11th 10 PM

August 2024

4PM – 7PM

  • 19th Aug 2024
  • 21st Aug 2024
  • 23rd Aug 2024
  • 26th Aug 2024
  • 28th Aug 2024
  • 30th Aug 2024
  • 31st Aug 2024
  • 2nd Sep 2024
  • 4th Sep 2024
  • 6th Sep 2024

Written Test Sept 14th 2024 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Lab Test Sept 14th 10 PM to Sept 15th 10 PM

You will get weekly assignments and research work to enhance your course understanding. 

Who Should Attend

The course is best suited for:

  • Security Researchers
  • Students and Professionals keen in Forensics Investigations
  • Security Teams
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Military and Police Personnel
  • Preferably should have undergone CCIO + CPEW, ICBIS, ICPT, ICBBR


26 Hours Lab Exam under the Information Sharing and Analysis Center

What you get

60 Days Access to Cyber Range Virtual Labs

Get 60 days access to Cyber Range Virtual Labs – Practice with predefined vulnerable Applications and Kali OS Distribution in the cloud, in an exclusive private network only for you!

Access to e-learning videos

Get access to course videos on the ISAC e-learning portal, updated regularly!

Clean Exit Professional Ethics Certification

The program includes Clean Exit Professional Ethics Certification that is mandatory for empanelment in the National Security Database.

Profile in the National Security Database

Get listed in the National Security Database program at the Falcon level by completing the program.

60 Days Access to Cyber Range Virtual Labs

The ISAC Forensic Investigator is a fully hands-on program! You get access to Cyber Range Virtual Labs for 60 days. Gain practical knowledge and fundamental skills with multiple vulnerable applications and Kali OS Distribution on the cloud exclusively for you.
Hands On Labs