Cyber Crime Intervention Officer

The CCIO is a course designed for parents and teachers to provide them with essential background on cyberpsychology and cybercrimes. The course lets you detect early signs of problems in school children and teenagers affected by their online activities and equips you with proper guidance and counseling for timely and decisive intervention.

Learn everything about cybercrimes and essential cyber laws to protect your loved ones and support vulnerable victims who need help.

Course Topics:

  • Children behaving abnormally online – case studies and lessons
  • Negative relationships online – How it impacts family
  • Social Isolation – offline and online issues
  • Low self-esteem and depression – tracking early signs online
  • The tendency for violence from online activities – how to spot the signs and prevent them
  • Internet Gaming Disorder– identifying addiction and other risks
  • Pedophiles online – How to protect children
  • Addiction – various types and what to do about them
  • Tech abuse – how to counsel children and parents
  • Sextortion, Cyberbullying and other online crimes – how to deal with it
  • Virtual girlfriends – how to tell if the children are involved
  • Cyberchondria – Medical self-diagnosis online and its risks
  • The Deep web – What is it
  • Criminal Propaganda – Steps to prevent it
  • Guiding victims affected by cybercrime
  • Tools and techniques to monitor children for online safety effectively
  • Fundamental IT Laws that every teacher and parent must know
  • Counseling victims of cybercrimes
  • Interacting and supporting cops and lawyers with cybercrime cases
  • Steps you can take to enhance cybersecurity awareness in schools


Rajshekhar P

Director - ISAC
+91 8527465252
Email: rajsm [at] isac.io
20+ years of diverse IT experience. Cyber security consultant.

Group Captain P Aanand Naidu(retd)

Director - ISAC
+91 88008 80757
Email: pan [at] isac.io
30+ years of experience in policy and management. Adjunct Professor at NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad

Batch start Date: July 3rd 2020

The course lectures will be held on the following dates from 3 to 5 PM:

  • 3rd July
  • 4th July
  • 10th July
  • 11th July
  • 17th July

You will get weekly assignments and research work to enhance your course understanding. 


Delivered online (Live sessions on Google Meet), 10 training hours in total.

Application Deadline

  • 2 July 2020 

Program Fee

INR 5000 + Taxes

The program fee includes tuition, access to special WhatsApp Group, Video lessons, Certificate and NSD CCIO ID Card.

Your slot is secured upon receipt of full payment.

Who Should Attend

The minimum age requirement to attend the CCIO program is 21 years. Admission to the course is subject to application approval. The course is best suited for:

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Counselors
  • Law enforcement officers


Various benefits of the program, including the ID card, Certificate and access to WhatsApp group are provided on clearing the Intervention Officer online exam. 

The exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions out of which the candidates need to correctly answer a minimum of 80% questions to clear the exam successfully. You can attempt the exam anytime after completing your online training. The fee covers one attempt of the examination. There is no additional cost for re-attempt of exam.

What you get

Get access to a special WhatsApp group of Intervention officers (batch-wise) to network with peers and share information.

Get lifelong access to course videos on the ISAC e-learning portal, updated regularly!

Get listed in the National Security Database program by completing the Intervention officer certification. The professionals from NSD assist various law enforcement and government agencies in advancing cybersecurity, in addition to helping the cybercrime victims.