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The Center of Excellence for Cyber security Lab starts from 120 Lakhs onwards for academic institutions. Your management must have minimum 50% of this cost approved for Industry partners to support the rest.

The program does not accept contribution in the form of:

  1. Space / rooms
  2. Furniture
  3. Systems / Hardware
  4. Software Licenses
  5. In-Kind support

The Industry partner will provide 50% of the COE cost directly to the Institution in form of cheque / grant.

The sponsor will provide 50% of the funding for COE against the following benefits:

  1. First right to hire students from campus in Cyber Security
  2. Access to the Lab for 20% or maximum 60 working days of the time across the year for their use
  3. Joint branding of COE with their company name
  4. Nominate maximum 100 employees / customers across the year to attend training in existing batches
  5. Access to a dedicated guest house / room for sponsor at the campus